Trilogies: 18 sets of short fiction

Trilogies: 18 sets of short fiction cover

A unique collection of short stories

"Trilogies" is a collection of 54 stories, in 18 sets.  Each set of 3 stories  is based on a similar theme or genre, making it easy to find the type of story  you like.  All the stories have been previously published in magazines  around the world.  

Here are the  themes and stories.

New York, New York
•Apple Juice
•Double Sting

Science Fiction
•Under the Apple Tree
•Operation ICU

The Roosters
•The Music Man
•Coq a Doodle Do
•Rooster Redux

The Goldberg Variations
•Practical Goldberg (A Love Story in 3 Parts)
•TV All the Time
•The Duke of Yelp

The Mysteries
•The Waiting Room
•The Sonoma Murder Mystery

•The Black Hole
•Trick or Treat
•The Thief

•Preheat the
•Traffic Stop with Annie Kim
•The Rich are Going to Hell

Sins of the Father
•Like Father, Like Son
•What’s in a Name?

Back from the War
•The Chess Table
•The Road
•The Social Justice Experiment

Nostalgia Stories
•It’s a Lot of Work Being a Girl
•Who Stole Asbury Park?
•Now I Understand

Frustration with Technology
•I am the writer; I speak for the programmer (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)
•Mama Mia
•Phone Booths and Mailboxes

Happy Endings
•Boxes and Ladders
•A Good Marriage
•Anything but Indian Food

Unhappy Endings
•The Bridge Game
•First Love
•Software Bugs

College Love Stories
•Apple Sauce
•The DJ
•Mashed Potatoes and Marinara Sauce

Love Interrupted Stories
•The Love Beads
•In the Mood
•Respectable Sinners

Surprise Endings
•Pie or Die
•One Prius, Two Prius, Pink Prius, Blue Prius

Destiny Stories
•Love, Luck and Fate
•The Angry Vegetarian
•The Lighthouse

Author’s Favorites
•The Tightrope
•The Grand Poobah
•The Devil’s Orchestra

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