Cafe Stories: relationships

Cafe Stories: relationships cover

Do you like love stories?

Cafe  Stories: relationships is my collection of love stories.  37 twists and  turns on the roller coaster of romance.  The Kindle eBook is only  $2.99, can be found here, and includes these stories. 

Practical Goldberg (a love story in 3 parts)
The Old Man and the Sea
Double Sting
Dream a Little Dream
Coq a Doodle Do
Girls Selling Fireworks
Who Stole Asbury Park?
Tea Time
The Duke of Yelp
The DJ
Jury Duty
The Chess Table
A Good Marriage
Love, Luck and Fate
Mashed Potatoes and Marinara Sauce
The Music Man
The Bridge Game
Anything but Indian Food
Pie or Die
The Road
In the Mood
Apple Sauce
Trick or Treat
The Angry Vegetarian
Boxes and Ladders
The Lighthouse
First Love
Apple Juice
Software Bugs
TV All the Time
Love Choices
Fresh Contacts
The Tightrope
The Devil’s Orchestra

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