The Da Vinci Diamond


A Detective Tony Mariani Mystery/Crime Story

What is the secret of The Da Vinci Diamond? Three beautiful Russian  women, along with Italian and Russian mobsters are all after The Da  Vinci Diamond, a million dollar blue gem once owned by the great  Leonardo himself. San Francisco Police Detective Tony Mariani follows  all the suspects and uncovers clues from the Bay Area and around the  world. The evidence eventually leads to The National Museum of Rome, the  original home of the gem. The women, a mistress, jewel thief and  assassin, provide plenty of action, murder, intrigue and romance as they manipulate others to find the diamond. What is the key piece of evidence that unlocks the mystery? How does Mariani recover the diamond  and arrest the conspirators? You’ll never guess the unpredictable ending  but you’ll love the ride. 

The Da Vinci Diamond is the debut novel by master storyteller Jerry Guarino, author of five star rated short story collections.

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