The Best of Cafe Stories

The Best of Cafe Stories cover

A wonderful collection for any reader.

This collection includes the sequel to my novel The Da Vinci Diamond and 17 of my best stories.


  Table of Contents  

The 7 Hills Technology Group * 

The Sonoma Murder Mystery  

The Waiting Room 

The Old Man and the Sea 

Dream a Little Dream 

Who Stole Asbury Park? 

Preheat the Microwave.Com 

The Duke of Yelp 

Coq a Doodle Do 

First Love 

Love, Luck and Fate 

The Bridge Game 

The Lighthouse 

Respectable Sinners 

The Rich are Going to Hell 

The Tightrope 

The Grand Poobah 

The Devil’s Orchestra 

* The 7 Hills Technology Group is the second in the series of Detective Tony Mariani Mysteries, a sequel to The Da Vinci Diamond.  

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