Cafe Stories: west coast stories

Book cover Cafe Stories: west coast stories

A collection of stories from San Diego to Canada

Cafe  Stories: west coast stories includes "The Case of the Chinese Coins", the third in a series of Detective Tony Mariani mysteries and 36 more stories from the left coast.  The Kindle eBook is only  $3.99, and can be found here:

The Case of the Chinese Coins

The Sonoma Murder Mystery

The Dream Detective

The Cat Burglar

The Thief

Coq a Doodle Do

Rooster Redux

The Duke of Yelp

Phone Booths and Mailboxes

The Lighthouse

The Great Zucchini

Buon Cibo

Can’t Buy Me Love


The Road

The Social Justice Experiment

Preheat the 

Respectable Sinners

The Rich are Going to Hell

Traffic Stop with Annie Kim

Practical Goldberg: a love story in three parts

Mama Mia

Girls Selling Fireworks

In the Mood

Vegan Dog and Stoned Cat

Yankee Doodle

Bird Lady and the Bunnies

The Old Fisherman

Pest Control

Bush Man

Little Rubber Feet

Death After Dinner

Memories and Regrets

No Turkey on Thanksgiving?

The Tightrope

The Old Man and the Sea

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