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The Tightrope - the story of two people leading very different lives in the same place

The Lighthouse - a hippies love story for our time

Who Stole Asbury Park? - a couple returns to the famous boardwalk and finds that it's gone

Preheat the - what crazy things can happen to us as we get old

The Grand Poobah - my O. Henry story

Coq a Doodle Do - a rooster tale

Here are some recently published stories from magazine websites:

Can't Buy Me Love (CafeLit)

The Great Zucchini (Potato Soup Journal)

Vegan Dog and Stoned Cat (Jokes Literary Review)

Yankee Doodle (The Short Humour Site)

The Old Fisherman (Literally Stories)

Buon Cibo (Potato Soup Journal)

The Cat Burglar (Ariel Chart)

The Cleaner (The Short Humour Site)


Sand Pilarski is one of my favorite editors and has published many of my stories.  Check out  these stories of mine on The Piker Press.

Anything But Indian Food by Jerry Guarino ID: 4698 Appeared: 2012-03-05 G

Lasagna, tacos, hot dogs, cherry pie -- all great, but Sid has one dietary requirement ...

Drone Fishing by Jerry Guarino ID: 6402 Appeared: 2016-08-15 PG

Yep, this is how it happens...

Fresh Contacts by Jerry Guarino ID: 5308 Appeared: 2013-09-16 PG-13

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. And then what???

In the Mood by Jerry Guarino ID: 4500 Appeared: 2011-08-08 PG

Jerry  Guarino says, "Your life will have storms, calm seas and everything in  between.  Our destiny is determined by how we learn from our  experiences.  I hope your life will be filled with peace and love and  that you get through the storms of life with ease."

Jury Duty by Jerry Guarino ID: 5299 Appeared: 2013-08-12 PG-13

Can serving on a jury be considered aiding and abetting a crime?

Mama Mia by Jerry Guarino ID: 5073 Appeared: 2013-01-07 PG

And there's a penalty for calling in an order by using your phone as a phone ...

The Black Hole by Jerry Guarino ID: 4472 Appeared: 2011-07-11 G

Sometimes you walk right into the devil's lair and don't realize it until it's too late.

The Music Man by Jerry Guarino ID: 4816 Appeared: 2012-06-04 PG-13

It wasn't a dark and stormy night, but it went from odd to totally weird at record speed ...

The Old Man and the Sea by Jerry Guarino ID: 6532 Appeared: 2017-01-16 PG-13

Fog and sunshine, land and sea, West and can dream of it all...

The Road by Jerry Guarino ID: 4920 Appeared: 2012-09-03 PG

From  the bottom, a dozen miles seems like a thousand, and the time it takes  to traverse them an eternity ... does that mean you shouldn't even  bother with the first step?

The Social Justice Experiment by Jerry Guarino ID: 5172 Appeared: 2013-05-27 PG

A  project, a paper, an experiment: they have a particular and finite  purpose, a beginning and an end. However, people -- and justice --  should be more than that...

The Sonoma Murder Mystery by Jerry Guarino ID: 5143 Appeared: 2013-04-22 PG-13

There are always clues -- but the mystery surrounding a murder may have only a few of them that are apparent...

The Tightrope by Jerry Guarino ID: 4345 Appeared: 2011-05-02 PG

One city, two men, two different worlds about to intersect ... 

What's in a Name by Jerry Guarino ID: 5176 Appeared: 2013-06-24 PG

Some people just can't get out from under that label...

Who Stole Asbury Park? by Jerry Guarino ID: 4886 Appeared: 2012-08-06 PG

There was a time of brightness, of music, of romance, the sounds of life and happiness ... and now?